PROFILE    Hadashville
Rural Municipality of Reynolds
P.O. Box 46
Hadashville, Manitoba
R0E 0X0
Phone: (204) 426-5305
Fax: (204) 426-5552

Hadashville with a population of 220 is situated along Trans Canada Highway and No. 11 Highway. Hadashville is found in the middle of the municipality. Most of the development of Hadashville has taken place along the Whitemouth River.
In Hadashville, you will find a grocery store (Hadashville Country Store), a post office,  a restaurant (Sophie's Restaurant) a motel (Riverside Motel), Ukrainian and Roman Catholic Churches, a forest tree nursery (Pineland Forest Nursery), two peat moss operations (Sun Gro Horticulture and Berger Peat Moss),  a campground (Whitemouth River), a community club (Reynolds Recreational Centre) Highways Department, and MB Conservation. Other activities occurring in Hadashville would be farming, logging, trucking, air conditioning / refrigeration services, a floral greenhouse and strawberry u-pick farm and excavation services. There is also a hiking/cross country ski trail and a museum located in the Sandilands Forest Reserve. The Trans Canada Pipeline provides natural gas to Pineland Forest Nursery. 
The Greater Winnipeg Water District is the railway company that passes through Hadashville. This line is only extended from Winnipeg to Shoal Lake in Ontario.  Children are bussed to Reynolds Elementary School (K to Grade 6) in Prawda and to Whitemouth School (Grade 7 to 12).
Residents travel to Ste. Anne, Steinbach, Whitemouth or Winnipeg for their medical needs. Fire protection is provided by the Reynolds Fire Department.