LOCAL GOV    POLICIES - Policy No. 17 - Promotional Items
Rural Municipality of Reynolds
P.O. Box 46
Hadashville, Manitoba
R0E 0X0
Phone: (204) 426-5305
Fax: (204) 426-5552

THE RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF REYNOLDS P.O. Box 46 Hadashville, Manitoba ROE OXO Telephone: 204-426-5305 E-mail: rmreynolds@mts.net Fax: 204-426-5552 Website: www.rmofreynolds.com Toll Free: 1-888-864-4861 POLICY NO. 17 PROMOTIONAL ITEMS 1. Request to be in writing. 2. Criteria to be: community club; non-profit organization; fundraiser for student events; charitable event; or RM of Reynolds’ resident in need, due to loss of life, health or property 3. Organization to be located within the RM of Reynolds boundaries or of direct benefit to the RM of Reynolds residents. 4. Office staff may give a promotional item to an organization or individual meeting the criteria, upon receiving the written request. 5. Requests for events that do not fall within the scope of the above criteria to be reviewed by Council. 6. Items to be donated at the discretion of the CAO/ACAO. Per discussion from March 3rd, 2011 Legislative, Finance and Personnel Committee meeting and April 28th, 2011 council meeting . Adopted by Resolution No. 193/11