LOCAL GOV    POLICIES - Policy No. 21 - Code of Conduct
Rural Municipality of Reynolds
P.O. Box 46
Hadashville, Manitoba
R0E 0X0
Phone: (204) 426-5305
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THE RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF REYNOLDS P.O. Box 46 Hadashville, Manitoba ROE OXO Telephone: 204-426-5305 E-mail: rmreynol@mts.net Fax: 204-426-5552 Website: www.rmofreynolds.com POLICY NO. 21 COUNCIL MEMBERSí CODE OF CONDUCT PREAMBLE: Public confidence and public trust are essential to good governance. To promote public confidence and public trust, members of the Council of the RM of Reynolds strive to govern in a fair, objective and transparent manner and in the best interests of the municipality at all times. In carrying out their duties, it is essential that the conduct of members of the Council of the RM of Reynolds reflect the standards and values of the municipality. This Code of Conduct operates in addition to the existing legislation governing the conduct of council members, including The Municipal Act, The Municipal Council Conflict of Interest Act, and The Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act. The Criminal Code of Canada also governs the conduct of members of Council. The Code of Conduct applies to all members of Council. 1. DEFINITIONS Code means the Council Membersí Code of Conduct established and approved by council. Council means the mayor/reeve and councillors. Employees means any person employed by the municipality, and includes the Chief Administrative Officer, designated officers, full-time, part-time, contract, or casual employees, including volunteers. Municipality means the Rural Municipality of Reynolds. 2. PRINCIPLES Members of the Council of the RM of Reynolds have a duty to consider the well-being and interests of the municipality as a whole and to appropriately carry out the powers, duties and functions of the municipality. In carrying out their duties, members of the Council of the RM of Reynolds are expected to conduct themselves in such a way as to promote public trust and public confidence in the Council and the municipality. 3. PURPOSE The purpose of this code is to establish clear conduct rules for members of Council, so that misconduct may be avoided, and so that clear standards exist against which to assess potential misconduct of those members. 4. RULES OF CONDUCT 4.1 Respectful Conduct Every member of Council is expected to conduct himself or herself in public, and in respect to the public, in such a way as to reflect the decorum and dignity of the office that he or she holds. No member of Council shall intimidate or threaten his or her colleagues, members of the public, or employees or volunteers of the municipality. 4.2 Respect for Decision-Making Processes Every member of council is expected to respect the decision-making processes of the municipality. While members may hold different views on any given matter, once Council has made its decision, all members must uphold the decision. 4.3 Preferential Treatment No member of Council shall, in the exercise of an official power, duty or function, give preferential treatment to any person or organization based solely on the identity of the person or organization. 4.4 Respect for Role of Administration Municipal employees are responsible for providing professional advice, are bound by the decisions of Council, and shall not be requested to take any action contrary to such decisions. No member of council shall attempt to require a municipal employee to undertake personal or private work on behalf of the member. 4.5 Election Campaign Work No member of Council shall use the facilities, equipment, supplies or services of the Municipality for any election campaign or campaign-related activities. No member shall undertake campaign-related activities on municipal property unless permitted by the municipality (eg. an all candidates meeting). No member shall attempt to require municipal staff to participate in political activities. 5. CONSEQUENCES OF MISCONDUCT Every member of council who fails to meet his or her obligations under this code is subject to censure by council. 6. REVIEW AND REVISION OF THE CODE Council will review the code annually to ensure it continues to be appropriate and relevant for the municipality. Council may, at its discretion and by resolution, amend the code.