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Take an afternoon tour of the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre (south of Hadashville).  Explore the museum, fire tower and tree planting railway car.  Hike the nature trail and the suspension bridge over the Whitemouth River. 
Hike or ski the Whitemouth River Ski Trail (south of Hadashville) check trail mapping.
Travel the abandoned forestry roads in the Sandilands Forest Reserve on ATV or snowmobile.
Catch your limit of fish in the Whitemouth River. 
K. Saunders Tae Kwon Do Academy holds Wednesday evening classes at Hadashville Recreation Centre, (starting at 6:15 pm) for all age groups.
Book an excursion with "Snowfox Adventures" for a leisurely ride over miles of trails where you may spot the many forms of roaming wildlife.