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Building Permits

REYNOLDS BUILDING INSPECTOR To obtain a building permit for any building 108 sq. ft. or larger or any attachment to a house, please contact the RM office or Building Inspector - Murray Cutmore 204-408-8937
BUILDING PERMITS: A building permit provides authorization to begin construction of a building project and it is required in order to protect the health and safety requirements of the public. Permits must be obtained from the Building Inspector before any activity begins (i.e. construction, plumbing, demolition or removal). Permits issued after construction has started are subject to doubled permit fees and unconfirmed inspection status. Inquiries concerning building, plumbing, and demolition permits should be addressed to the Building Inspector.
DEVELOPMENT PLAN: The Whitemouth Reynolds Development Plan provides a framework for guiding the development of land within the District.
ZONING BY-LAW: The Reynolds Zoning Bylaw No. 7/13 enabled Council to adopt specific regulations for the use and development of the land within Reynolds. The Zoning Bylaw provides an essential mechanism for implementing the policies set out in the Development Plan. Please contact the RM of Reynolds office to verify that any change in use of your property conforms to the permitted use under the zoning by-law.
To view By-Laws, Zoning Documents or Maps, go to the Documents and Downloads page.
                                  Schedule "A - 2015" to By-Law No. 13/91
                                         As Amended by By-Law No. 2/15


All Construction - Minimum Fee $75.00
Residences $0.4035 per sq. ft.
House additions including attached garage $0.4035 per sq. ft.
Foundation only $0.25 per sq. ft.
Develop Basement $0.10 per sq. ft.
Patio Decks $0.14 per sq. ft.
Mobile Homes $150.00 each
Workshops, Garages, Storage buildings $0.22 per sq. ft.
Commercial Buildings under 6458 Sq. Ft. $0.40 per sq. ft.
Commercial Buildings over 6458 sq. ft. $0.10 per sq. ft.
Detached Buildings UNDER 108 sq. ft. N/C
Plumbing Permit $120.00 per residence
Farm Buildings-Barns under 6458 sq. ft. $0.10 per sq. ft.
Farm Buildings over 6458 sq. ft. $0.05 per sq. ft.
Pole sheds $0.04 per sq. ft.
Farm Grain Bins N/C
Demolition Permit $30.00 each
Failure to obtain permit prior to construction Double applicable fees
Re-Inspection Fee - Work not complete $60.00 plus mileage
- After deficiencies corrected $60.00 plus mileage
Inspection requested where no permit is required $60.00 per hour, plus mileage