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RM OfficeRegular Council meetings are held twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month, starting at 6:30 p.m. unless alternately arranged in the Municipal Office at Hadashville. 
Delegations are requested to make appointments by calling or emailing the Municipal Office before the Friday preceding the Council meeting.
Reeve - Trudy Turchyn                     
Ph: 204-426-2180
Ward 1) Councillor Jessica Thurston   
Ph: 204-392-2393
Ward 2) Councillor Curtis J. Buley     
Ph: 204-866-3089
Ward 3) Councillor De-Ann Holmes   
Ph: 204-268-4359
Ward 4) Councillor Blaine Webster     
Ph: 204-369-5679 or 204-791-2705
Ward 5) Deputy Reeve Michael Huzel       
Ph: 204-346-2375
Ward 6) Councillor Kim Zalitach         
Ph: 204-426-5556
Ward 7) Councillor Harriet Yarmill     
Ph: 204-426-5379

Municipal Office: Ph:  204-426-5305
Municipal Office: Fax: 204-426-5552
Municipal Office Toll Free: 1-888-864-4861
Chief Administrative Officer:  Kim Furgala - cao@rmofreynolds.com 
Acting Assistant CAO: Darlene Thom - acao@rmofreynolds.com (Sherri Pearch on Maternity Leave)
Administrative Assistant: Jennifer Monkman - admin@rmofreynolds.com
Clerk: Annie Johnson - clerk@rmofreynolds.com
Public Works Manager: Nelson Chmuhalek - publicworks@rmofreynolds.com
Building Inspector/Development Officer: Murray Cutmore - do@rmofreynolds.com Cell 204-408-8937 Work Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8-4 pm