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Recyclables Accepted at Local Recycling Sheds

- Glass: Bottles; Jars

- Plastic: Drink Bottles; Containers

- Aluminium: Cans; Plates; Foil

- Milk Cartons & Jugs

- Tin Cans (all containers to be rinsed) 

- Paper: Newsprint; Flyers; Catalogues; Magazines; Phone Books 

- Boxboard & Cardboard (Folded Down)

The following items must be taken to the waste management facility on highway#11 (1/2 mile south of PTH #44)
Scrap metal, Appliances, Used Oil,  Household Garbage, Building Material, Doors & Windows, Used Flooring
For information on pick up services contact the RM of Reynolds at 1-(204) 426-5305