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Employment and Tenders






Date quote to be Submitted by:  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH, 2019 AT 4:00 P.M.


Sealed and Marked "Caretaker Position” to:  RM of Reynolds Municipal Office P.O. Box 46, Hadashville MB, R0E 0X0


Start of Work:  January 1st, 2020


Address questions to the RM Office at:  Phone  426-5305 / Fax  426-5552 or admin@rmofreynolds.com .


General duties shall include:  vacuuming carpet; sweeping & washing floors; cleaning washrooms; dusting furniture, including desks, chairs, counter tops, computer and office equipment, telephones, cabinets, window sills, etc; emptying waste paper baskets; water indoor plants and outdoor flowers; check and replace light bulbs and paper products as required; cleaning kitchen and dishes; and all other cleaning requirements.


Scope of Duties:  These general duties must be done twice a week (Tuesdays or Wednesdays-Tuesdays required after Council Meeting and on Friday or weekends) – or as requested by the CAO.


Other Duties: 

1.   Clean windows, inside & outside – on a monthly basis or as required or as requested by the CAO.

2.   Carpets cleaned – as required or requested by the CAO.

3.   Spot clean walls, doors – as required or as requested by the CAO.

4.   Take garbage to the Waste Management Facility and recyclables to the recycling depot or Waste Management Facility – as required or as requested by the CAO.

5.   Fingerprints on walls – as required or as requested by CAO.

6.   Application and removal of flax straw on septic field – this is required yearly.

7.   Grass cutting, including weed eating around the buildings and fence line, planting flowers and removing them in fall – as required or as requested by the CAO.

8.   Shovelling snow and sweeping and salting front and back step. NOTE: Snow removal is to be done before the office opens in the am.




1.    Caretaker to be paid monthly. 

2.    Caretaker to be placed on a six-month probation.

3.    Services shall be performed for a one (1) year term, but wages negotiable yearly up to the third (3rd) year.

4.    The R.M. of Reynolds pays for cleaning supplies, paper products, light bulbs, flowers and straw.

5.    Caretaker is to notify the CAO or ACAO of any problems or if unable to perform the duties. 

6.    Caretaker is responsible to arrange for at least one substitute caretaker who must be approved by the CAO.  The Caretaker is responsible to pay the substitute caretaker for duties performed.

7.    Only the caretaker and/or substitute Caretakers are allowed in the RM Office while performing his/her duties. 

8.    Service shall be performed to the satisfaction of the CAO. The contract may be cancelled on 30 days’ written notice by either the Caretaker or the RM of Reynolds.


Rate:  Please quote monthly rate. (Worker’s Compensation provided by the RM)