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Fire Department


The Municipal Act provides that every municipality must provide fire protection services within its boundaries. 

The Rural Municipality of Reynolds Fire Department – The Reynolds Fire Department in Prawda is responsible for fire protection for the areas of Spruce Siding, Medika, Hadashville, Prawda, McMunn and East Braintree.  The Reynolds Fire Department protects our community from the ravages of fire.  Fire Chief Tom Nixon and his team of fifteen fire fighters responded to 74 incidents in 2021.  Although the majority are vehicle incidents the Municipality is able to recover the response costs from Manitoba Public Insurance.  The Fire Department holds scheduled practices and continually upgrades and trains the team.  Also, a new (used) fire truck was purchased this year.  Tom Nixon would be pleased to respond to questions about the department or give you a tour, call and leave a message at 204-426-2265 or 1-204-479-3198.  

In addition to the Reynolds Fire Department, the RM of Reynolds has fire protection agreements with adjoining municipalities to supply fire fighting services for certain areas of the municipality as follows:

The Rural Municipality of Whitemouth Fire Department - Julius and Rennie areas
The Town of Beausejour and the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead Fire Department - Molson and Julius areas
The Rural Municipality of Springfield Fire Department - Ste. Rita and Contour areas
The Richer Fire Brigade - Richer East area
The Rural Municipality of La Broquerie - Marchand area
The Rural Municipality of Tache - Ross area