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Vote By Sealed Envelope (mail)





A voter is eligible to vote by sealed envelope if they have reason to believe that they will be unable to vote at the regular voting place on Election Day, or during Advance Voting opportunities.  This could also include a voter with a physical disability, or a voter caring for a person who cannot be left alone.


A voter may apply in two ways to vote by sealed envelope:


1In Person


A voter may apply in person at the municipal office between 28 and 3 days before Election Day, (date - date), and may be given a sealed envelope ballot package at the time of application.  When applying, if the applicant is not on the voters’ list, he/she must take an oath that he/she is an eligible voter.  Any voter applying to vote by sealed envelope will be required to produce identification.


2.  In Writing


A voter may apply for a Sealed Envelope Vote between 90 and 3 days before Election Day.  (date - date).


A voter may apply for the APPLICATION TO VOTE BY SEALED ENVELOPE form, either by mail, email or fax.  The voter will fill out the form plus enclose copies of ID (an official document issued by the federal, provincial or municipal government that contains your name, address and photograph).  The voter will return the form plus ID by mail, fax, or email.


The Sealed Envelope voting period is (date - date), no ballots will be mailed to any voter before (date).


All Sealed Envelope Ballots are mailed by ordinary mail, and must be received by 8:00 pm of Election Day.


For an application to vote by sealed envelope please go to this link: SEALED ENVELOPE APPLICATION


Any questions or clarifications, please call

Gail Wasylnuk: 204-426-5577

SEO RM of Reynolds



ASEO RM of Reynolds

RM Office: 204-426-5305

Toll Free: 1-888-864-4861

Fax: 204-426-5552

Email: acao@rmofreynolds.com